Get a 7-Day free SEMrush Trial

SEMrush 7 Day free trial

For a new blogger, it isn’t easy to find a good seo tool as there are many seo tools in the market like Ahref,MOZ, and many others. So we have tested them all one by one and found that Semrush is the best. The best features of semrush is website analysis, identify your organic competitors, keyword research, site auditing, on-page and off-page seo, etc.

I know that semrush is a very cost SEO tool; that is why we have brought a very special offer for you, a seven-day free trial. If you are not satisfied, then you can cancel the offer anytime within seven days of sign up, so what are you waiting for-

Some features of Semrush

1.Keyword Research


 Here you will have to notice specifically on search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC. The keyword research reports monthly search volume for the keywords you type. You can monthly volumes mean an average number of times a specific keyword is a search on the internet. Here you will even get country-wise searches so that a new blogger can get an idea of how many searches a specific keyword is getting on each country.

Let’s talk about the next feature of keyword research which is keyword difficulty. Here Semrush gives a measure of difficulty from 1 to 100% how hard to rank a keyword. The higher the value, the difficult it going to rank. Let’s suppose you have choosed a keyword with difficulty 12, so it means you can easily rank on the internet with this keyword.

Let’s talk about the last feature of keyword research that is CPC. Now, what is CPC? The full form of CPC is Cost per click. It is basically for someone who wants to advertise their website on the internet through google ads. Here Semrush gives an average price that advertisers pay per click.

2. Site Audit

There are many errors in a site which is needed to be corrected to rank a site; this is done by site auditing. If you want to always stay on the top, you need to regularly do site auditing and regularly improve your health score. Some major points to improve your site health by Semrush is-

1. Check Robots.txt file for issue

2. Compress your images

3. Optimise your site speed

4. Fix your deadlink

5. Correct Canonical links

6. Change HTTP to HTTPS

7. Optimise your Meta Tags

3.Complete Analysis

It reports your complete website analysis by showing how your website performs on various parameters such as organic traffic, paid search, backlinks, organic keyword and more.

4. Check the performance of competitors

To check competitors’ performance, enter your domain name in the Semrush search bar, select “Organic Research” from the drop-down menu, and hit the “Search” button.

Semrush Packages


Semrush offers three monthly pricing plans:

 • Pro – $119.95/month (Ideal for beginners and bloggers)

• Guru – $229.95/month (Ideal for small business owners and solopreneurs)

• Business – $449.95/month (Ideal for marketing agencies and marketing teams in big companies)

 All three of them are recurring subscriptions. These are monthly subscriptions; however, the annual plan is even cheaper.

Get a 7-Day free SEMrush Trial
Get a 7-Day free SEMrush Trial

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